Monday, April 03, 2006

The Whitmore Deans and spider movement

Whitmore Deans
The Little Civic
Saturday 02/04/2006
Attendance: Ca. 150

As the name suggests, this is a local band. A cupple of the lads looked like they had just hit puberty, and the way they had angrily refused to cut their hair in any shape or form since becoming a teenager made me think of myself in that age.

I really didn`t know what to expect when I saw them make their way through the room, looking like what they undoubtedly were, awkward and nervous teenagers.

But once on stage, they had us moving playing excellent cover songs by The Specials and Madness. Wearing what must have been their dad`s old party outfit, their parents sound LP-collections and wise investment in music lessions came to good use.

In addition to the guitars, drums and bass - these lads made use of saxophone, trombone, electrical piano and lots of positive energy. They need to practice their dancing while playing if they really want to emulate their heroes, though. They couldn`t really do that, but I know what it`s like being in the middle of puberty. The co-ordination of your arms and legs is suffering.

But this was well worth my fiver, I found myself dancing, wishing I had a suit from the late seventies with a matching hat.

I also nearly got into a fight, caused by the caracteristic spider movement my Norwegian friends will know all about. I am six feet four and need a lot of space when dancing, I aslo easily get carried away in that state of mind.

I happened to knock somebody over, he fell to the floor and my laughing about it didn`t go down too well.

The young Deans of Whitmore Reans made all of this happen, and fortunately their happy faces got rid of the angry victim of my spider routine and any drunken idea of violence. I really can`t ask for more of a young local band.


Blogger Polarprinsessa said...

You're a storyteller, brother!

¬°Bonito cuento!

10:33 PM  
Blogger Grillski said...

Ok, now I understand your anti Fight Club attitude. Happy holiday!

11:33 AM  

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