Thursday, March 02, 2006

Because of the snow

It is snowing today. Last night I sat by my window looking on as it fell down into my back garden. It is such a beautiful thing. It makes even the ugliest landscape appear pure and clean.

Being used to the British weather, I was both pleased and surprised once it started coming down, and even more so once I realized it wouldn‘t just melt away. It was just too much of the wet stuff. About a centimetre of it was left on the ground this morning.

I‘ve come to understand the British panic when confronted with King Winter. On my way towards University I noticed the traffic ran smoother due to the centimetre of snow, people seemed to act with more care. I would be surprised if anyone was caught speeding in Wolverhampton today.

My lecturer asked us to be careful on our way home, “because of the snow.” It was probably something he said to be polite or just to round off his session, but I am going to take his advice to heart. Just because of the snow.


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