Friday, March 17, 2006

Council tax on the rise

Council tax payers in Wolverhampton were today told they are facing a 4.9 percent increase. The rise takes effect in April and will see bills go up by between £40 and £120 a year.

"This is just another example of how useless Wolverhampton City Council is", Den Tenksomme Vraslosken says. "This is the old tale of politicians passing their responsibilities on to the public, I fail to see why the public should have to pay the bill for problems with budgets."

The 26-year old student says none of the public services covered by the Council Tax is working properly, and that the City Council should examine how the money is spent rather then passing the bill on to the public.

"The Council Tax is the only substantial revenue the City Council are able to control without Government interference, all other revenue is subject to Government funding and control. It’s just not fair giving the public the bill for your own inability to govern the city."


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