Sunday, February 05, 2006

No rubbish collection problems in Paris

A reporter team from Whitmore Reans Gazette recently returned from their City Break in Paris. Upon departure they promised a feature on the Parisians rubbish collection system, a comparison with the problems we are experiencing in Whitmore Reans - which possibly would interest regular readers.

They tell us the inner city areas of Paris are quite different from those of Wolverhampton,”it looks and smells completely different!” reporter Den Tenksomme Vraslosken urges. "Once I got there I realized I couldn`t write my feature. The situation is just too different to that of Whitmore Reans, it wouldn’t be right to compare our problems. I could clearly see the suburbs had some problems with their rubbish collection, I had a look at it on my way from Charles De Gaulle airport to Garde du Nord, but inner city Paris is a different story."

It seems our reporter team didn’t really care about rubbish once they got there, but they assure us Parisians don’t have many problems in that respect. We’re not quite content with the quality or length of their feature, but forgive them - they deserved a holiday.


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La plume de ma tente!

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