Monday, February 06, 2006

Norwegian oil exploration at halt

“With the world struggling to find oil, one fracture of Norway‘s new left-wing coalition government is threatening to block or slow exploration of new areas that would replenish the falling reserves of the world‘s third-largest oil exporter”, The Wall Street Journal today reports.

As Whitmore Reans Gazette holds significant Norwegian interest and readership, we today spoke with Den Tenksomme Vraslosken, our expert on Norwegian politics, about the issue of Norwegian Oil exploration.

“As our finance minister Kristin Halvorsen points out, it is more important to encourage alternative sources of economic growth than to try to boost declining oil output by opening up new resource areas. We have a lot of opportunities in the environmental field, such as renewable energy and carbon-dioxide technology. We also have great opportunities for tourism.

Den Tenksomme Vraslosken tells us he voted for Mrs. Halvorsen‘s party, The Socialist Left Party (SV), during the election last year and that he is pleased with the governments policy on this issue. SV want to stop all development in the Barents Sea and the areas around the Lofoten Islands in the Norwegian Sea, arguing that petroleum extraction would irrevocably damage the fragile eco-systems, which environmentalists call some of the last pristine waters in Europe. “I grew up in the Lofoten Islands area myself, I just won‘t have any oil exploration up there”, Den Tenksomme Vraslosken says.

25% of the state‘s revenue comes directly from the petroleum sector and is by far the most important revenue for the state budget, says Per Kristian Foss, former finance minister and a member of the Right opposition party. Confronted with Mr. Foss‘ statements, Den Tenksomme Vraslosken says “Well, we got rid of him. Now let us have a go!”


Blogger Jamie said...

I read the other day that Oslo has now beaten Tokyo to become the most expensive in the world. London was 7th. Congratulations!

9:02 AM  
Blogger Den tenksomme Vraslosken said...

Yeah, thanks. Hurray.

But you didn`t comment the question in focus: Does Norway (or the world) need more Oil fields?

8:37 PM  
Blogger Grillski said...

In the north of Norway were I live, you will get an ice axe in your head if you say no to gas and oil. It's a war going on.

10:11 PM  
Blogger Den tenksomme Vraslosken said...

I know, Grillski. I guess it`s understandable, but Whitmore Reans Gazette still finds further oil exploration a wrong path to follow.

Tell your friends up north they have the full support of The Wall Street Journal, who WMG suspect simply worry about petrol prices in North America.

10:40 PM  
Blogger repthule said...

"Well, it can go either way, terry!"

12:15 AM  
Blogger Jamie said...

I want more oil! In fact I think cars and industries are too efficient and I wish global warming would hurry up so I can walk around warm in my underpants.

Give me my oil! Never mind your beautiful untouched landscapes. The site of an oil rig is the most luscious treat you could ever give your eyes.

'And you can take that to the bank!'

11:32 AM  

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