Friday, January 27, 2006

Rubbish Collection Situation Resolved

The rubbish collection situation is back to normal in Whitmore Reans, as all rubbish bins and recycle boxes were emptied friday morning. Mrs. Elsie Blount of Carter Road is relieved, the 73-year old pensioner says she`d been worried what might happen if the situation were to linger. "I`m glad it`s finally sorted", she says.

Mr. Alain Blount is content with this new development. The 76-year old says he was about to write a petition, as the pensioner sits in Whitmore Reans Liaison Commitee, an interest group for Whitmore Reans with City Council members sitting in at the meetings. "I`m relieved it didn`t come to that", he says. "As is stands, I`m just glad it`s all sorted. "


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