Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Young goose leaves flock in West Park

This young goose wandered off and left the flock today, Whitmore Reans Gazette understands. It was spotted standing on its own in West Park, expressing outrage towards the flock of geese messing about in the water. The animal stamped its feet and shrugged its head repeatedly while mocking the other geese. It seemed a few individuals in the flock answered, equally upset, by splashing their wings into the water while making absurd and plain ugly sounds. It is not quite clear what the brawl was all about, as it was impossible to make any sense out of the angry and loud animals. The goose got itself together when approached by the Whitmore Reans Gazette reporter, and posed dignified for a photograph.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really good :p Gooses these days! I am really impressed of your writing Mr. Bjørklund! See you around! V xx

1:37 PM  

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