Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dave - The voice of Whitmore Reans

It has come to Whitmore Reans Gazettes attention that a norwegian journalist, known as Polarprinsessa, allegedly have written in her coloumn that local pubs in Whitmore Reans are obsessed with music videos from the 1980s. "This norwegian bird is dead wrong", Mr. Dave Smith of Carter Road says when confronted with the alleged accusations. The 32-year is a regular at The Winning Post, which is believed to be the norwegian journalist`s source of information. "She must be taking the piss, if she had ever been in here she would have known the video jukebox also contains hits from the 1990s", Mr. Smith says.


Blogger Polarprinsessa said...

Hey hey hey! We don't take no piss. One night in the beginning of October05, we had a beer at The Winning Post (also called Lokalpuben). We played the pool. I lost. It was late, they closed about half an hour after we arrived the place. We reached to see old videoes of Lionel Richie, Whitney Houston, Sabrina, and some more, during the short stay. An other night in the same weekend, we spent an evening at The Wanderer, near the footballstadion, where they gave us blue shots, and played videos of the 80s and maybe a bit early 90s for several hours. Only Samantha Fox was missing. But I loved it all.

9:09 PM  
Blogger Jamie said...

Is he quoting Hamlet in that photo?

9:02 PM  

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