Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Telewest struggle in Whitmore Reans

Telewest customers in Whitmore Reans, Wolverhampton, are having problems with their television and internet services.

Mr. Alain Blount, a 76-year old pensioner of Carter Road, explains he’s been having problems with his satellite-TV set for over three months. “The receiver keeps resetting, I need to turn it off and on again, it`s frustrating when you`re watching a program”, Mr. Blount says. He phoned Telewest and reported the problem, and eventually an engineer was sent to his house. “The engineer looked at both my television and my receiver and told me the problem was due to a technical problem with a mast in Gatis Street", Mr. Blount says. He was told the mast is receiving more satellite signals than it is designed for, and that this was the reason for the problems he is experiencing. Mr. Blount says the engineer told him he was going to have a look at the mast the very same day. Today, nearly three months on, Mr. Blount is still experiencing the same problems. “It is frustrating”, he says. “When I call their telephone support they keep telling me to reset my television receiver, it‘s frustrating, they just won`t listen to an old man". Mr. Blount says several of his neighbors are having the same problems with Telewest, and that he doesn‘t know what it will take to make them listen.

Telewest doesn‘t want to comment, but their telephone support in Birmingham confirms that there has been a number of complaints from customers in Whitmore Reans lately, however they cannot say when the problems will be solved.


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