Friday, March 30, 2007

Zombies vs Vegetarians

Jamie, an occasional reader of this blog, recently left a post where he questions how I could ever get tired of the view from my window, arguing I have the customers from the Adult Pleasure shop to look at. Well Jamie, those people don`t really get to me, as they don`t make a lot of noise.

What does get to me, is the army of drunken students shouting out for kebab three meters below my bed every night. They`re very much like zombies. Just not as charming. Look at these two, for example, pondering whether they should shout KEBAB! or PIZZA! once they make it across the street.

A man could very easily loose all faith in mankind in this environment. At least I get to appreciate those wonderful vegetarians who don`t bother me with drunken clich├ęs at night, as they`re somewhere else. Why can`t they all be vegetarians?


Blogger Viljar said...

They are of course somewhere else where the vegetarian cousine is best;
at home cooking their own food :)

2:36 PM  

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